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Practical and emotional support following sexual assault

A young woman, just starting university was subject to a sexual assault following a night out.  The victim’s mother self-referred her daughter into the service after feeling she wasn’t coping very well with the aftermath of what happened.

After contacting the victim for an initial discussion regarding her needs, there were various issues raised and the victim care co-ordinator agreed to meet at her university in an informal setting where she felt comfortable and spent some time listening and talking about what had happened. The coordinator put together a bespoke cope and recovery plan which acknowledged the victims needs and put an action into place as to how these would be met.

Although the property she lived in was secure the victim still felt uneasy so Victims First arranged a personal alarm to help put her mind at rest when alone. During the meeting the victim also expressed concerns that she was worried how to tell her university what happened and that she had been unable to concentrate on her university work since the assault. We then put together an email to her supervisor to let her know of the problems she was facing and also provided a letter of support to the university board which was used to grant the victim an extension in her work, easing some of the pressures following the incident. The victim was also concerned that she hadn’t heard much about how her case was progressing so we agreed to liaise between her and the police for any updates. As the victim doesn’t live near her family, her mother was understandably concerned about her emotional wellbeing. Looking at the wider impact of crime, a meeting was arranged with both victim and mother to talk about the support we are providing and for her mother to meet who is supporting her daughter through such a difficult time.  

The victim felt that she had been really supported throughout the police investigation and had also always had someone on hand to speak to if she had any concerns or worries.