Registered Charity No. 1164578
“Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice”

Performance Information

Who We Helped

Whoever the victim, whatever the crime Victims First Northumbria are here to help those affected by crime across Northumbria. Here is a snapshot of who we helped this year.

The majority of the victims referred to the unit unit describe themselves as White European. Our ambition next year is to reach out to black and ethnic minority communities to encourage them to seek support with us.

Most of the people using our service are aged between 35-49 and over 50% of them are female. Only 3% of our service users are under the age of 16. We are setting up projects with schools and this year we went out and listened to young people about what they would want from a victim service, we are using this information to make ourselves more accessible to young people across the region.

To help us understand what needs our victims have, our coordinators do a star model which asses a range of holistic needs. 74% of victims needed help with their home security and safety, 73% didn’t have adequate support and 68% felt isolated. Our coordinators can arrange practical support to make their property more secure and help them feel safe. Our volunteers can provide more support and make people feel less isolated, as well as other specialist services which we refer to.


Crime Types

At Victims First Northumbria we are passionate about making sure we are offering the best service to victims of crime.  To do this we have developed a performance framework that helps us measure service delivery and make continuous improvement to the support provided to victims and their families in Northumbria.

What we have achieved in 2016/2017

  • Supported 26,186 victims of crime
  • Awarded the RSQM award
  • Spent over £20,000 on practical support for victims
  • Achieved 98% victim satisfaction
  • Increased self referrals and third party referrals by 5%
  • Discussed a restorative intervention with 2,892 victims
  • Completed 41 Corporate Agreements with local companies
  • Recruited and trained 51 volunteers
  • Achieved 98% victim satisfaction
  • Produced literature in 8 different languages
  • Increased the number of victims we have supported by 63%
  • Provided a seamless pathway of care to other specialist services
  • Each Coordinator has supported 1,870 victims