Registered Charity No. 1164578
“Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice”

Meet our Team

Brian R

Once or twice a week I receive details of victims of crime who have indicated that, due to the effects of crime, they need help. These details include the name and address, contact numbers and a brief description of the crime they were subjected to. I also receive notice of what help the person has indicated they need, together with information regarding assistance that has already been put in place.

I volunteer because I believe that victims do require help with trauma after a crime. This work is a very constructive voluntary occupation, reaching very diverse people in diverse situations, suffering in many ways that can be alleviated by the intervention of another human being.

The rewards associated with this work are in witnessing the person improve. The healing may take weeks or much longer. The victim at times may seem to have lost hope of returning to a normal life, but, with discussions and professional assistance when necessary, eventually you hear “Thank you, I don’t need help anymore”. Success!

Ray P

I’m Ray, originally from Birmingham, I moved to Hartlepool in 1980 and have lived in various places in the North East ever since. I retired from the Magistrates Courts service at the end of September 2016. I enjoy sport and still run, cycle and play (and watch) football. I’ll have a go at anything. I speak a little “holiday” French. I volunteered because I wanted to do something challenging which would make a difference.

In the 9 months or so that I have been volunteering I have come across all sorts of victims with all sorts of needs and issues. Some have been fairly easily and quickly resolved; others have taken somewhat more time and thought to try to achieve the desired outcomes. I hope I have been able to help victims improve their situations, and when victims tell me I have, a great sense of pride and achievement is shared by us both. Above all I have learned to be patient and that just being there and listening can be so important victims of crime.

Rebecca W

My name is Rebecca, after becoming a mother for the first time my priorities changed and I decided I wanted to do something to make a difference and help people in some way. I began to look for opportunities to do this and this is when I came across Victims First, I was successful at interview and invited to the training days. I found the training very informative, interesting and well organised. Everyone at Victims First Northumbria is helpful and friendly. I find volunteering a very rewarding experience, quickly building up a rapport with the service users and knowing that you’re helping their road to recovery in any way is a great feeling.

Deanne T

Becoming a volunteer with victims first is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I, my friends and family have all been victims of crime and have had success with the Victims First programme. The training provided to make me ready to take on cases was exceptional as it has given me tools to ensure the best outcome for our referrals. I want to be able to draw on my experience and life skills to assist others achieve closure with support from myself and other sectors where necessary.

Sharon O

I volunteered for Victims First as I wanted to help people from all walks of lives who have been victims of crime or violence and need emotional support to help them through their situation.

I currently work in retail but I am also a holistic therapist and I am studying counselling as well as a distant learning course from college.

Before I began my role as a Victims First Volunteer, I completed some work for Changing Lives and I was able to provide various therapies to adults who were living in hostels. I found this very rewarding not just for me but I was also able to see how the alternative therapies helped those I worked with enormously.

When I began volunteering for Victims First, the training I received explored all avenues, I enjoyed every module of the training and I found that it was very informative which enabled me to learn a lot to help me to take on the role as a volunteer
I want to be able to support and help those who need this service.