Registered Charity No. 1164578
“Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice”

Meet the Champions

Elderly Champion

“As Elderly Champion, I link in with the local support services and offer reassurance and advice to elderly people. It is important that we are visible within this community.”

LGBT Champion

“I work hard to raise the profile of VFN within this community – being a visible point of contact within the communities, attending LGBT forums and events, and keeping up to date with any news or changes within the support services.”

BME and Hate Crime Champion

You don’t have to suffer in silence if you are a victim of Hate crime or from BME (Black Minority and Ethnic community). I am BME and Hate Crime champion within VFN and can speak to you in confidence to offer support. Coming from Black Minority and Community (BME) myself, I am passionate to support victims from BME community and I understand the challenges we face.”

Mental Health Champion

“Being a victim of crime can have a serious impact on your mental health. I aim to deal compassionately with victims who are experiencing mental health issues and provide them with appropriate support. I have experience of dealing with vulnerable clients with mental health support needs, people who are in crisis and can deal compassionately with your concerns and direct you towards the best support for you.”

Substance Misuse Champion

“I have extensive experience of dealing with clients who have substance misuse issues and with the families of substance users.  The reasons for substance and alcohol misuse are often complex and I aim to provide support and direct them to appropriate support without judgement.”

Domestic Violence Champion

“As DV champion, i currently provide support to victims of domestic violence. I establish close links with other specialist Domestic Violence services. I will continually look to identify appropriate support to assist victims of DV to move forward and escape abusive relationships.”

Restorative Justice Champion

“Following an outcome at court, victims don’t always have a sense of closure and have questions they want answered or thoughts and feelings they want communicated to the offender. Victims First staff are trained in Restorative Justice and together we can look at your choices and options to assess if this is suitable for you.”

Fraud Champion

“Victims First are currently developing support for victims of Fraud, looking at new ways to improve preventative measures and support options available. We continue to offer innovative anti-fraud devices to prevent this happening in the first place.”

Sexual Violence Champion

“As a sexual violence champion we listen to the needs of our clients and coordinate the support they need to help them cope and recover. We work closely with other services to provide a wrap-around support package for children, young people and adults. You don’t have to have reported a crime to get support from us, however if you are going through the legal process we can also support you throughout. Our overall goal is to support and empower anyone who has been a victim of sexual violence.”

Children and Young People Champion

“The Children & Young Champion role focuses upon victims of crime under the age of 18, including communication with families/carers. Individual support and outreach sessions are provided within the local community, schools and colleges.  Working with young people advocates personal safety, well-being and essential support provision to some of our most vulnerable members of society.”

Sexual Violence Champion

“The Sexual Violence Champion role focuses upon supporting individuals who have experienced sexual violence / abuse at any stage in their life. Support is individually tailored to provide practical and emotional support to empower victims to cope and recover from their experiences. As a qualified Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) within the Champion role, I am passionate about raising awareness of Sexual Violence throughout Northumbria and liaising with key partners to provide essential support to some of the most vulnerable individuals within our communities.”